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4RemoteSupport Web Based Desktop Support Software

4RemoteSupport web based support software enables computer and server technical support to gain remote access of computer desktops, PC computers, Server systems. The user just logs into the web site online to start a session .The user does not need to generate a code. With 4RemoteSupport online desktop remote control, the code is provided to them by the technical support engineer. This support is on-demand meaning that the remote user needs to initiate the connection. This is a safer approach is an accepted method for connecting to computers that may not be managed systems or connections aren't required frequently.  Also this method will enable a secure feeling for the remote user .They will understand that technical support cannot connect to their computer over the web through the internet online with them first initiating the connection. 4RemoteSupport online desktop remote control has auto-reconnect. If the user is experiencing a problem with their internet or local network connection , the remote desktop control session re-connects the remote PC automatically.

4RemoteSupport Desktop Remote Control Online

4RemoteSupport web based desktop support software allows for remote desktop control of computer PC systems through the Internet. The connections can be to multiple remote computers. The remote computers can have different operating systems. The remote computers can be on local networks or connected via the web through the Internet online. 4RemoteSupport online remote support software will display each remote desktop computer in a separate process window. Technical support can work separately with each of the remote desktop computers.4RemoteSupport software for PC remote support online through the web over the internet has file transfer available right from the UI (User Interface). There is no need to access SkyDrive or dropbox or other online file sharing and online file storing web sites. 4RemoteSupport contains the following applications as part of their service:

4RemoteSupport desktop remote control online is software for remotely accessing computer desktop PC systems through the web for providing remote support. Like Microsoft RDP, 4RemoteSupport gives administrators access to computer PC desktops remotely through the network. Remote support via desktop remote control is essential for providing support to users and remote client. Unfortunately, Microsoft remote desktop connections don't permit screen-sharing remote support.  When their is an active session using remote desktop, the user at the computer desktop PC cannot interact with the session at the same time as technical support. Technical support, when logged into the computer desktop PC remotely, has exclusive access to the remote system for support. Microsoft remote desktop permits full remote desktop control and file transfer form the location machine to the remote computer. However, the screen is not viewable or controllable by the remote user. 4RemoteSupport software for PC remote control online is screen-sharing remote computer control. This enables bot the remote technical support person and the logged in user to access and interact with the active remote desktop session.

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